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Marketing Director

Posted by: Spings Oil LLC

Posted date: 2019-Jul-28

Location: Egypt, Kuwait, UK

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assisting sales and marketing management with advertising materials and communications media to symbolize effectively the services and products of the company to customers.
  • Receiving work assignment from the marketing media communication.
  • Appropriate arrangements in developing video scripts and selecting a producer, and handling assignments.
  • Writing speeches and drafts for senior management and reviewing executive speeches.
  • Developing draft advertising layouts and text as campaign materials and presenting to manager for approval and review.
  • Managing layouts and designing of communications such as presentations, newsletters, event support materials, research papers, and brochures.
  • Designing and implementing classical marketing projects.
  • Conducting and planning market research activities of business groups. Activities include surveys, analysis of syndicated materials, focus groups, developing price elasticity metrics, conjoint analysis and situational modeling.
  • Increasing the growth of market share and market studies that are very important.
  • Supporting cross-functional team by pricing direction, new product launch strategies and product positioning.
  • Promoting trade shoes, events as well as advertising campaigns.
  • Meeting sales and marketing sales representatives to talk about communication needs. Participating in marketing and sales team as a member.
  • Reviewing marketing projects that are assigned, previous marketing materials, which are used in assignment area and gathering materials about competitive companies in their field.
  • Arranging necessary aids for speaking and attending presentations and giving feedbacks to the speaker.
  • Developing and writing sketches of graphics and consulting with the printing company representatives on the requirements of particular project.
  • Presenting recommendations to marketing committee or manager.
  • Managing editing and voice-overs for checking quality production in line with related parameters of the assignment.
  • Developing and coordinating multimedia packages like brochures, letters, purchase displays, video and so on for specific assignments.
  • Developing direct programs related to mails and monitoring rolls of the campaign and ensure success levels at conclusion.

Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent analytical and presentation skills including demonstration skills to handle many assignments simultaneously.
  • Efficiently work under pressures, deadlines, and stretch extra hours to complete assigned task.
  • Should exhibit great creativity and resourcefulness.
  • Able to take calculated and bold initiatives to meet the expectations of clients effectively.
  • Should have excellent effectual communication skills.
  • Should be able to communicate the insight and ideas effectively.
  • Should have equally effective people skills to deal with clients.
  • Self-confident and outgoing personality.
  • Should be an expert in forwarding thinking, market research, and should possess problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to listen to intended details attentively.

Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in advertising, journalism or communications.
  • Bachelor’s degree in area of specialization relevant field.
  • Graduates interested in journalism.
Job Title Marketing Director
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Posted By Spings Oil LLC
Job Function
Start Date 01/11/2011
City / Town Regional
Location Egypt, Kuwait, UK
Deadline 2011-Sep-30
Location Location -> Egypt
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Classification Job Classification -> Marketing Manager